Is sleeping Rational at the place of work? GhostBed vs Purple Mattress

Is sleeping Rational at the place of work? GhostBed vs Purple Mattress

How to sleep at the place of work with ghostbed vs purple mattress or sofa bed mattress. Read on full tips here with Sleep Like The Dead.

How to sleep at the place of work?

Snoozing at the place of work is a common experience. It has been estimated that about 40 percent of desk workers have been caught enjoying nap at the time of work. To reduce this effect may organizations have lengthened the recess time. Still, many of the workers have been caught again snoozing particularly after lunch hours. But, experts’ opinion says that – short nap after lunch hours can make enhance in producing capability since it is supposed to improve attention, concentration and accuracy. Let us make a brief consideration

How to sleep at the place of work

  • Timing of Nap:  The most output from a nap is highly achievable when the timing selected for such thing adhere perfectness. It is true as the inner body starts to make us drowsy around siesta time— which is between 1 and 4 p.m. Thus an aim to fit in a nap during these hours seems perfect.
  • Handy Prop:  When and if any person wants to make the naps a daily routine, h/she is advised to doze off fast. This is facilitated with the use of most confidential and trusted associate that will induce sleep. Arousing of sleep mindset will be faster too.
  • Location:  The nap is to be taken at a quieter place to make it perfect in the sense of providing relaxation. When the office is of the sleeper, closing a placing no-disturb sign is sufficient. An attempt of wearing sunglasses and stretching out in the car or to a local park during local break is a good option. When dozing in cubicle is the only option, the screen save is made to flash a spread sheet or other frequently used document to fool passersby into thinking that the person is hard at work.
  • Alarm: The key is a catnap that stays for almost half an hour. Longer naps are characterized with greater sleep inertia, or that sleep hangover feeling that the sleeper feels after waking up from a deep sleep. Additionally, the quick 10-minute snooze may be a better sleepiness buster than dozing off for three hours, according to researching observers. It is thus recommended that the sleeper will get his/hers cell phone or similar device going off after – say, 15 minutes. By that time, the sleeper must have been refreshed with fresh energy
  • Benefit to office:  Naps are sure to improve alertness and perception and are expected to cut through the general fog that creeps during the day, according to the experts say. And it is not only office workers that are benefited from such siesta. The expert’s opinion in this regard referred that – “These people are active in the morning, then they get in the shade under the trees and have a sort of quiet time, but they’re not generally napping,” excerpts from 2015 study published in Current Biology. The experts also suggested to allow the staff to have a 20-minute nap within the extended lunch-break between 2 to 3 p.m. They expect an outburst of fresh energy to complete the rest of the day’s work with ease.

Purple vs Ghostbed Mattress Comparison:

The following text is an attempt to put a scale between two different type of mattresses – Purple and Ghostbed. Both are equipped with their unique features that are ascribed and compared thus. Later, an assessment of this comparison is also made. Such assessment tries to evaluate the scales of comparison between these products. Read on list mattress under $200 here:

How to choose right mattress Purple vs GhostBed

The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

This product maintains a balance between soft and firmness. It means it is firm where needed and soft when is the need. Thus, no choice is required to make between soft, hard and shiver average. This feature affords a perfect spinal alignment to the body. The user will sleep at neutral temperature. The cost is customer-friendly too. Thus, it is seen that the customers get mattress that are beautifully crafted with state of the art features. The structure constitutes a combined foam plus hyper-elastic polymer composition. The sleeping surface is kept cool with the satisfying medium firm feel and the unique polymer web design. Despite used by every type of sleepers, but this mattress is special for back and side sleepers.


  1. The mattress offers a great value in respect of buck to customers. They are offered at a very economical rate.
  2. These mattresses are featured with Unique Smart Grid Design offered by Purple.
  3. This product is offered with a risk-free 100 night sleep trial
  4. All the products can be recycled. These are eco-friendly products that left with no toxic chemicals
  5. This product has an inscribed guarantee from Amazon and 10 year promise Warranty from Purple.


  1. You will be frustrated if want to have a typical Twin or Full sizes. These are available in only four sizes.
  2. There are extra shipping fees for shipment to Alaska and Hawaii
  3. Edge support is not sufficient for oversized people.


GhostBed 11 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress with 20 Year Warranty, QUEEN

This mattress was constructed after a 15-year long research on innovative sleep solution. It constitutes one of the most advanced adaptive gel Memory Foam that satisfies individual needs. This product is the highest quality, lowest cost luxury latex and gel memory foam mattress on the market today. There is a confidence Warranty of 20 years inscribed with this product. This product is crammed with supernatural comfort which is crafted with 11″ ultra premium foams: besides there are 1.5″ continuous aerated latex, 2″ 4lbs superior technology cooling gel memory foam and 7.5″ extra high density support foam. The attached removable cover is plush yet durable and is zippered for easy removal and care. The customers will get an overwhelming experience with the superior feel of the bed. And they will wait impatiently to share their new sleep experience. The sleeping will pressure a feel like floating on air. This is cool and comfortable, free of pressure and fantastic antidote for the aches and pains that keep you up at night. This is provided with a 100 night sleep trial, free returns, a 20 year warranty – backed by Amazon.


  1. The advanced Gel Foam technology will not let your partner about your tossing, turning and discomfort over sleeping process.
  2. The mattress is designed perfectly so as to able to provide perfect and harmonious support and bounce back feels on every part of your body
  3. These mattresses find quick adaptation with the body of the users. It ensures tuned support and bounce up.
  4. Memory foams are irresistible in adapting to body’s curve
  5. All the Memory Foam mattresses provide best consumer satisfaction. The conforming ability and motion isolation is well above average level.


  1. Complaints lodged in the respect that this type of Memory Foam is said to retain Body heat. It implies that there are less comfortable in warm weather.
  2. An off-gassing effect, caused by odd chemical smell is associated with these products. This may be attempted to air out before putting on the sheets in order to reduce odors. But, it may take several days.


If I were asked to make a choice from among the two mattresses discussed above, I would always go for Memory Foam Mattress product, i.e. GhostBed Mattress here. I am fond of the capacity of these mattresses to adapt to the body temperature and thus providing for a beautiful and comfortable night sleep. Kinfolks provide a balanced support and beautiful bounce back feelings to every part of the body. In this way, these can be used by any kind of sleepers. And the advanced Gel technology prohibits any disturbance to partners if you toss and turn.

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