Get flight ticket to Hanoi and taste the wonderful coffee

Get flight ticket to Hanoi and taste the wonderful coffee

Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam, where drinking coffee has become a daily habit for people. Hanoi’s coffee culture very differs from other places, it has its own stories. Many authors have still researched about it and do not have exact answer about its development.

Coffee culture of Hanoians

Hanoians’ coffee culture is various with Saigon. Saigon people would like to put more sugar, condense milk and cream into their coffee, and of course, they love to add more ice cubes (to make a drink which they called “Bac Xiu” – which is a mixture of coffee and a lot of milk and ice cubes), the coffee here is just like a catalyst for having fun with friends. On the other side, the taste of coffee in Hanoi is used to be bitter and sourer, it makes people to memorize the traditional culture in Hanoi in the past.

Get the cheapest flight ticket to Hanoi and taste the wonderful coffee here

Until now, coffee has been followed the development of Hanoi, it has spread into all daily activities of the people in Hanoi. People always start their new day with a cup of favorite coffee. Around the cup of coffee, friends can chat together. They would like to borrow coffee to think about life, or just looking for some free time to relax with each other after work.

The coffee shop in the past, they were small shops, some famous places were such as Dinh coffee, Giang coffee, Tho coffee… They had only a few small wooden chairs and tables, however, the shops were always full of customers. With just a cup of coffee, people can seat all day and talk about their life, discuss about politics, education… especially, there is a kind of coffee which is suitable for Hanoians, this is filter coffee.

Firstly, thanks to the man who made this little “useful” gadgets. The aromatic coffee beans, through the coffee filter, add some boiling water, suddenly turned into dark brown water. In the past, how to make a good coffee was also an art. We have to remind about coffee in Giang coffee shop. Brown milk coffee is covered with condense milk, smooth foam. For the first time try this coffee, it is a little bit weird, it is fat, sour and bit, however, it is worth to to try the second, the third sip, people will be attracted by this taste. People will be wonder the magic of this drink.

Nowaday, it is not difficult for everyone to find a café shop. The menu of coffee shops differed with it in the past. Because of the influence of western culture, some new types of coffee have appeared, such as: Italian capuchino, latte, mocha… nevertheless, the coffee lovers will never forget the taste of Hanoi black coffee and brown coffee, they are always the most popular drinks in Hanoi every day. When you have a chance to Hanoi, some of the famous coffee brands such as Trung Nguyen coffee, Highland coffee…

So, where to drink coffee in Hanoi?

At first, it is better for you to search a cheapest flight ticket to go to Hanoi and taste the delicious coffee here, we suggest that you can visit to find cheapest airfare deal. Next, some of coffee shop will be listed below:

– Trieu Viet Vuong street

The most famous shops must include Thai coffee, Tho coffee, along with many coffee shops next to each other. The cafés here are designed with extremely simple decor, with only a few sets of plastic tables or chairs. Trieu Viet Vuong street has an old style,  it is full of ancient French architecture. It will help you fell the traditional coffee of Hanoiwhere to drink coffee in Hanoi

– Nguyen Huu Huan Street

There are various types of cafes here. There are modern cafes like Cafe Zone, Aroi Desert Cafe, Sang Sang Cafe, but they can not overshadow names such as Hanh coffee, Giang coffee or Lam coffee. Especially, in winter time, Hanoi’s climate will be colder, a cup of hot coffee will make you feel warmer. Giang coffee has a special egg cafe, which make them famous.

– Thai Phien Street

Cafe here blows the soul of modern life. Not as calm, as deep coffee in Bo Ho or Trieu Viet Vuong, the cafe here is full of laughter. People like to sit here to watch Vincom Ba Trieu brilliant light, who prefer eyes to the alleyways in Le Dai Hanh Street.

There are also many other cafes street such as Hang Manh street, Ly Thuong Kiet street, West Lake street. If you have a chance to go to Hanoi this time, I swear that you will have a best time of your life to taste coffee here. Good Luck for you. Visit Kinfolks Blog get more than info !!

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